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Kalamazoo County State Bank

Telephone Banking


KCSBank by Phone is your NO FEE 7-DAY/24-HOUR access to Kalamazoo County State Bank giving you immediate access to your account information using a touch-tone phone.

CALL toll-free 1-866-KCSBANK

With KCSBank by Phone, you can inquire on account balances, verify electronic and ATM deposits and withdrawals, check on deposits, checks that have posted to your account, loan payments and payoff amounts. You can have a statement of your transactions faxed to you for your loan or deposit accounts. You also have the ability to transfer funds between checking and savings accounts.   

To access information, you will need your account number and your four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). 

Customer agrees to safeguard his/her PIN (Personal Identification Number) and keep it confidential.  If customer provides his or her PIN to another person, that person is authorized to make transfers and customer will be liable.  

If you forget your PIN, stop in at any Kalamazoo County State Bank office and sign an authorization for us to reset your PIN number.   

Kalamazoo County State Bank reserves the right to limit the types of account transfers that may be made using KCSBank by Phone.  Federal regulations limit transfers from SAVINGS ACCOUNTS to six transfers per month. Each transaction over the allowed six will be charged an Excess Transaction Fee.

Click here to view the Regulation E terms for using this service.

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