Shopping for a mortgage is a very personal experience – let’s face it – it’s one of the biggest expenses you will have as a homeowner. Today, more than ever, you’ll want to work with someone who you can trust wholeheartedly, someone who appreciates your unique lifestyle, understands the local market conditions, and is available to answer all your questions. Local can mean many things, and for people who believe local is important – here are eight reasons to use a local mortgage lender.

1. Community Support

When you shop local for your mortgage, you are supporting your community and a local business in your community. More than likely, your local community bank has been supporting your community for 100 years or more.

2. Personal Service

What makes a community special are all the different people who live, work and play in the area. Everyone is unique with a different life story. Community banks are excited to talk with you, listen to you, and really get to know all about you. When it’s time for a home loan, community banks will look at your lifestyle and budget and customize a loan that fits you.

3. Comfortable Setting

Walking into a local community bank is like walking into a family reunion. Once you start banking with a community bank, it doesn’t take long before everyone knows your name and greets you heartily when you arrive. It’s a comfortable setting to make sure you feel relaxed and able to share your needs.

4. Your Money Stays in Your Community

When you use a community bank for your mortgage, or any service, your money stays in your community. Community banks use the deposits they gather from local customers to fund the loans they make, like mortgages, to only consumers in your community. Larger banks send their deposits back to their headquarters, usually outside of Michigan, every night.

5. Trust is Everything

Trust in a relationship is critical. Trust is something that has to be earned. Whether you are buying or building your first home, refinancing a current home or investing in property, you want to have trust in your mortgage lender and your community bank. Trust is the foundation of our community banks. Because these are real, authentic bankers that live and work in your community…you will feel it.

6. Local Understanding

Understanding the local economy and local market conditions are huge factors when purchasing or building a home. Your local mortgage lender understands your local market conditions and can be ready with the answers you need for a mortgage and a quick pre-qualification almost always needed in today’s competitive market.

7. Local Decisions

It’s interesting when you work with a local mortgage lender at your community bank. You can sit in their office knowing that decisions are made right there. When you work with a lender from a larger bank, the decisions are typically made at their headquarters or regional offices going through their chain of command, and therefore usually taking a lot longer. And oftentimes, these decisions are made based solely on the facts stated on your loan docs. Your local mortgage lender has greater flexibility and can look at you as a person and include the relationship you have them in their loan decisions.

8. Mortgages to Fit Your Needs, Lifestyle and Budget

Community banks are often the heart of a community. They have been lending to individuals, families and businesses to help grow and keep a community vibrant. Because of their history and experience, your community bank will have many loan products so your mortgage lender can recommend the mortgage that fits your needs, lifestyle and budget.

Now, how can you tell if your bank is a community bank and not a big bank with a branch on the corner? One sure way is to ask where the president and CEO of the bank lives. If he or she lives in your community – it’s most likely a community bank!

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