Meet Jerry Kroetsch, Assistant Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer.
Jerry joined KCSB in 2019 with over 25 years of banking experience. He has a BBA in Finance from Western Michigan University. We asked Jerry about his personal and professional experiences throughout his career. Here is a spotlight on this community banker.

Jerry Kroetsch

What are your duties at KCSB?
Foremost, I’m here to serve YOU, my teammates and our communities in any way I can help.

My day-to-day focus is managing commercial lending, credit analysis, loan processing, customer service and collections; originating commercial loans and consumer loans; underwriting; collaborating in leadership meetings, strategic planning, bank exams, budgeting, product development, process improvement, training, staff development and ongoing education. I also do a lot of disinfecting these days.

What did you do before joining KCSB?
Previous to KCSB, I was with one bank my entire career. The first 12 years I helped with what is commonly recognized as the ‘401(k)’ product. My concentration was managing the overall look-and-feel of the program. The second half of my time there I worked virtually as a commercial banker, overseeing relationships in Saint Louis, Missouri and Downstate Illinois.

Why did you choose to work at KCSB?
A poem called The Task, written by William Cowper compares bland food to an unexciting life. It gave us the phrase, “variety is the spice of life, which gives it all its flavor.” KCSB has the right mix of ingredients (experience, local decision-making, flexibility and efficiency) to create an exceptional borrowing experience for you. It’s my job to make it happen, with anything less being unacceptable.

What do you like most about your career with KCSB?
Opportunity and resources. When I’m making a purchase or somebody is helping me in a service capacity, I appreciate a feeling of genuineness, honesty, simplicity, knowledge, and responsiveness. I also prefer to support local businesses. Those combined characteristics align well with KCSB’s culture and what I want our customers to feel.

I appreciate our KCSB family and culture – our customers, my teammates, our smaller organization and the kindness of our Bank Directors. I couldn’t ask for a better mentor than my manager, Scott – our President and CEO. Managing a team again is enjoyable. I’m fortunate that my team is experienced and communicates well…they’re wonderful. They truly humble me every day and several times throughout the day.

What are some of your most memorable experiences?
My best memories come from time spent with those I love, often vacations and family gatherings. I’m been blessed with a wonderful family and friends. We’re privileged to live in a beautiful state with much to do, especially outdoors. Our family loves spending time ‘up north’ in Michigan and occasionally we make it down to Disney World.

In second grade I started dedicating my career path to finance, and it’s been intertwined in my life ever since. I remember opening my first savings account that year. The bank employee who helped me created a lasting memory. She showed me a ‘real live’ $1,000 bill and I’ve not seen another one since. Looking back, it was a WOW moment – a special banking experience.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, today is a truly unique time in history and creating a lot of memories. Some I’d just as soon forget. However, it’s also creating new ways to assist others, both personally and professionally. When the government passed the CARES Act in March, it provided KCSB with the opportunity to aid our business customers via the Payment Protection Program. PPP was a big help to many of our small business customers, their employees and our community. I met many new people through the process and deepened relationships with those I knew. Our customers are extraordinary partners.

What do you enjoy doing the most outside of work?
When not at home, I can usually be found in one of four places: KCSB, our church facility, outdoors or the grocery store. I deeply love my Catholic faith and my church family. I enjoy collaborating in youth education, adult education, 40 Days for Life, adoration, our liturgical team, Knights of Columbus, Catholic Men’s Fellowship and many other activities as they arise.

Jerry and Lesa

Hockey has been with me most of my life and I find it similar in many ways to banking. Both activities are humbling, competitive, fast-paced, team-oriented and communicative. It’s also something I share with my son, Bravey. It brings us closer and we have A LOT OF FUN with it.

Bravey and Jerry - Hockey

I can usually be found at the store 4-5 times a week as I enjoy cooking family favorites, trying new recipes and working with fresh ingredients.

Here are few other fun things to know about Jerry!

What is your favorite pastime?
Whatever allows the mind to rest – exercise, sleeping, mowing, reading or shooting pucks.

What are your hobbies?
Spending time with family, friends or at Lawson Arena with the WMU Hockey program.

What is your favorite food?
Picking just one is tough, but I’ll go with homemade tapioca pudding.

What is your favorite holiday, and why?
Holy Thursday. It’s beautiful and my favorite day of the year. It can speak passionately to those called to live a servant’s life.

What is on your favorite playlist?
Music that inspires.

Current books you are interested in?
“Mother Teresa – In My Own Words.” It benefits me to read it annually and that time of year is here.

Who is your role model and why?
My Dad. He was loving, faith-filled, humble, giving, patient, gentle, strong, skilled and introspective.

What’s the most daring thing you ever did?
Ha! There IS a reason I’m a banker and conservatively manage risk for a living. I’m risk adverse. Our kiddos, especially Bravey, have enough risk-taker in them to satisfy my adventurous side many lifetimes over.

TV show you can’t miss.
I find almost any hockey match – especially a collegiate one – or Seinfeld episode enjoyable.

Favorite quote?
The Prayer of Saint Francis

Family including pets!
Everybody has a nickname in the family (a hockey thing).

  • Lesa (Sweetie) – my beautiful, generous bride of 25 years and fan of all things Disney.
  • AbbyLynne (Abbs) – our daughter, with a heart of gold, who teaches at a daycare and is working on her degree in speech therapy.
  • Brayden (Bravey) – our son, holy goalie, daredevil and Mr. Fix-It who is saving for his dirt bike.
  • Rose (RP) – our baby girl in heaven.
  • Nathan (Eel) – AbbyLynne’s boyfriend, pursuing his degree in marketing.
  • Katrina (Trina B) – our Russian Blue kitty.

To learn more about Jerry, and how he can help you reach your financial goals, (and maybe some hockey goals, too!) feel free to reach out to him by phone, email or stop in for a visit. He is in the Schoolcraft Branch Office.

Jerry Kroetsch, AVP Commercial Loan Officer, MLO# 582026
Schoolcraft Main Office
223 N Grand Street
Direct Phone: (269) 585-7322